Comic Coloring & Activity Books

Cory the Caterpillar Comic Coloring & Activity books are program activity books designed to introduce children to gradually increasing levels of learning and cognitive skills on subjects of interest. They naturally evolved from the Plus section of Astoryplus books and are now independent learning and assessment tools. The Comic Coloring & Activity books will feature 20 pages of vocabulary, definitions, fun facts, word find puzzles, word puzzles, various comprehension tests and related math and science exercises.   Each of the book’s task are designed to reinforce and harden learning. Comic Coloring & Activity books are an excellent way to support or prepare for schoolwork or to explore and enhance children’s expanding interests.  They will be made available to all-access members and as individual purchases as PDFs downloads.


NOTICE:  Comic Coloring & Activity e-Book and PDFs are scheduled to begin releases November 30, 2021. “Pre-Release Subscriptions” with 12 months all-site access are available for purchase now at $19.99 regular price $59.00!

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