Cory the Caterpillar

Cory Story: An exciting story of survival and transformation. Plus: learn the life cycle of the caterpillar and butterfly
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Cory the Caterpillar is a book designed to get your child reading early. How early? There is research that indicates you can teach a 2-year-old to read. Google this article How to Teach a 2-Year-Old to Read Successfully? Buy the book and get started



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Pre to Beginner Reading Series

ABCs-Alphabets with Cory the caterpillar will awe young children with huge colorful letters and familiar creatures that will demand their attentions and quickly impact their ability to recite the letter and the associated creatures. Numbers with Cory the caterpillar offers numbers matched with many of the characters featured in the perils of Cory the caterpillar story books and gives them an interesting way to learn numbers and counting.
Shape with Cory the caterpillar
will open children’s eyes with colorful shapes and real-world places to look for them. Cory will be discovering the shapes too with almost priceless expressions of surprise and wonder.
Colors with Cory the caterpillar
will engage children with Cory’s first experiment with color. Cory will discover different color in the same ways as young children in a clumsy, messy but effective sort of way.
The Perils of Cory the Caterpillar  Story E-Books
The Perils of Cory the Caterpillar- An exciting story of chance survival and transformation
THESTORM-Cory’s thrilling first thunderstorm forces him  to deal with rain, thunder, lightning, wind, and other
unimaginable dangers
PARADISE-Cory is blown into a caterpillar paradise of flowers to eat but quickly encounters other creatures not happy to share the wonders of the flower garden.
THE ENCLOSURE Cory is captured in a clear Jar with a lid by some curious young children who do not know the dangers of the strange enclosure holds for a caterpillar
THE LANDSCAPERS- Following another perilous day Cory is snuggled up in a hedge of tender newly sprouted leaves when a team of landscapers show up to care for the lawn.
THE POND- Cory is urged to move and chooses a path that takes him out in the open and exposes him to the dangers of some water loving creatures of a backyard fishpond.

THE NIGHTFALL- Cory finds himself having to relocate after the sun has gone down and discovers that there are a host of creatures of the night awake and they’re not so friendly
THE TREETOPCory is drawn to the top of a cherry tree by the sweet smell of ripening cherries which brings him into dangerously close contact with some other tree dwellers. THE SIDEWALK Cory path again brings him to a place where a new sidewalk is to be constructed and at the very moment he attempts to cross the construction intensifies.
THE GREENHOUSE- Cory is lifted and accidently carried into a greenhouse of award-winning plants and the evidence of Cory eating the plants angers the award-winning growers. THE COMPOSE- Cory is raked-up and collected with fallen leaves and debris from the yard then put into a compose bin of spoiling, rotting, and a smelly mix of nasty stuff. THE PICNIC– Cory is moving along the grass when suddenly he’s cover by a huge blanket. He climbs out from under only to find a few treats and a reintroduction to a pass rival.
Cory the Caterpillar  special Holliday edition books
EASTER- Cory is in a field of high grass that is the site of an Easter egg hunt for competing young children. THE 4TH OF JULY- Cory finds himself at the center of a small crowd celebrating independence day. CHRISTMAS- Cory is dragged into the house on the Christmas tree to be decorated and surrounded by gifts.
HALLOWEEN- Cory is out on the night when of spooky decorations and stampeding trick-or-treaters. VALENTINES DAY– Cory becomes a secret valentine day gift passed around a grade school classroom. THANKSGIVING-– Cory must escape a busy kitchen preparing for a thanksgiving day celebration.





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